Reclaim your past. Don't let it just slip away. Your life is like a novel or motion picture in which you are the main character. Why not write it down, or if you'd rather, get a voice recorder and and simply speak into it. Such a project may seem daunting at first (what to say? how to begin?) but don't be put off. You can start anywhere and just write down the facts in a clear and straightforward manner.

If you don't feel comfortable writing about yourself, write about someone else, maybe a parent or child or another person who had an impact on your life. Or begin writing about a place, maybe a neighborhood you once lived in or a place you once worked.

Another sort of project could be a family history, not about you but about your ancestors, as far back as you can go. In the process of gathering details, you could contact family members for their recollections and memorabilia.

A great place to do this writing would be your Blog on this Website. If you want to include a photo gallery, you can do that here also. By using the blog and the Gallery together, you could produce a digital scrapbook for your friends and family.


Begin telling your life story in words and pictures. Make a blog that tells about a person, place, or event that influenced you. Use the gallery to include pictures that help to illustrate. Share this with friends and family. Invite them to comment.