It\'s often said that we each have some special gift or talent to share with the world. Sometimes, of course, this gift is obvious. The Olympic athlete, the scuptor, the great composer all come to mind. But you don\'t have to be Wilma Rudolph, Michaelangelo, or Mozart to inspire and enrich the lives of others with your talents.

Maybe you have an infectious laugh, a knack for telling stories, for gardening, for teaching, or simply for listening and caring. Chances are good that you know what that gift is. Maybe others have told you--teachers, parents, friends. Maybe you\'ve seen how others can be moved and enriched by your efforts. Attend to that gift. Nourish and practice it. Develop and share it--your gift to the world.


1. In no more than two sentences describe a gift that you can share.

2. Tell how, where, and when you can share your gift with others.