It's your life. You may not be able to control it, but only you can live it. You were born into a time and place not of your choosing. You were born with a certain set of genes that determined, among other things, your race, your general size and shape, your blood type, even your propensity to certain diseases. You were exposed to acts of cruelty or love, to hurricanes or droughts. And through it all you endured and changed and grew.

The person you are today is a complex blend of inherited traits and environmental influences braided together into the unique individual that you are. Every morning as you rise from your world of dreams and begin your day, you assume once again the burden and the glory of simply being you. Once again, you will smell your own peculiar smell, see the familiar face looking back from the mirror, recall the places and events that have contributed their parts to making you who you are.

And you will go on with your day. You will make decisions about what to eat and how much, about whether to help someone in need or to turn away, whether to express your feelings or to hide them. It is for you to decide. Nobody else can do it for you. It is your right and your obligation. You must decide and act even though you can't always foresee how events will play out.

And tomorrow you will do it again. And the next day also, just like everyone else. It's your life, the only life you have, and only you can live it.


Write a short response to the passage above, especially as it relates to your life right now. Feel free to reject any of the statements above or even the whole premise, but be sure to reflect on how your present life has been, and continues to be, shaped by conscious choices and decisions made by you. Include some examples. Share with a friend or post in your blog.