We all need regular exercise. It keeps us strong and sharp, fit and active. Consider the alternative: weak and dull, unfit and sluggish.Besides building muscle, physical exercise improves bone-density and circulation, as well as posture and balance. 

No, it's not too late. It's not to soon either. Whatever your age or condition, the time to begin is now. Begin where you are. Find your comfort zone and test its limits. Begin with a few simple stretches. Try walking more. Practice balancing by standing on one leg briefly while holding onto a chair. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far from the entrance to the store and walk. These are just a few simple ways to get more active if you're hesitant about exercise.

As you get stronger and more confident, begin a more strenuous program, if possible under the guidance of a personal trainer or therapist who can help you make the most of your time and effort.

Your brain needs a workout, too. Besides doing Sudoko or crosswords, you can read books and start or join a book club. Plan, shop for, prepare, and cook your own meals. Do your own housekeeping. Manage your own finances. Join this Web site and post pictures and blog entries. 

The key is to challenge yourself physically and mentally, to continue strong and sharp throughout your lifetime.


Make a commitment to physical and mental exercise. With a friend or buddy, discuss how you both could begin to work out physically and mentally, possibly together in a group or class. Begin an activity now by stretching your comfort zone, and within a week undertake a systematic effort to work out regularly.